Head Basketball Coach,
University of North Carolina


“Having Bill Lam speak to any group would really be the first step toward great improvement. Bill has great gifts of enthusiasm and humor, and these gifts coupled with his motivational messages will be outstanding for any group. I strongly feel that, after listening to Bill speak, the group will be much more energized than they have ever been, they will be more focused than they have ever been and they will look back on it as truly a wonderful experience.”



Head Football Coach,
The University of Texas


“Coach Lam’s leadership, dedication and worth ethic in fostering the athletic, academic and personal development of his student-athletes led to his teams tremendous success year in and year out. Bill exemplifies the type of coach who can demand hard work from his athletes, and in return gets their life-long respect and loyalty.”



Head Woman’s Soccer Coach,
University of North Carolina


“Everyone can benefit from what this man understands about leadership.”



Adjunct Professor,
Georgia Institute of Technology


“Bill Lam is a personality plus individual with successful positive leadership principles that can be applied to any situation.”



Vice President,
Paychex, Inc.


“Bill Lam used a fantastic blend of passion, common sense and humor to make his points and motivate my people. His winning attitude permeated my team and left us on an incredible high. It has been said that the effect of a motivational speaker is fleeting. Bill, however, struck a chord which we have referenced many times in the months since his visit.”



Orthopedic Surgeon, Team Physician,
Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies


“I have been able to achieve success in life from the lessons I have learned during the pursuit of wrestling excellence, working with Coach Lam. I believe self-discipline is developed and earned when you make the decision not to take any short cuts.”





“Coach Bill Lam is chiefly responsible for the success I have attained in my business. I learned early on from Coach that the will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win. It is this mindset that has allowed me to build a successful law firm in a very competitive market. We all want to win, that’s a given. But, the will to get up and actually do the work necessary to win and not to quit is the difference between success and failure. Having Coach Lam in your corner will greatly increase the likelihood of success no matter what arena you are competing in.I whole heartedly recommend Coach Bill Lam to anyone looking to improve their performance!”



Brigadier General Thomas Gorry,
US Marines


“The intangible qualities of discipline, dedication, diversity, resilience and commitment all grew in the formative years I was coached and taught by coach Lam. They became the foundation of my life as I grew to appreciate their values in my character development. I attribute those qualities to the success I have had in my professional and personal life.”



Paychex, Inc.


“I am a sales professional for a Fortune 500 company. I first heard Coach Lam speak several years ago. His message and words of encouragement hit me at just the right time. I had started my sales career with tremendous success, but had just recently relocated to a new market and was put in a position of starting over. I had concerns that perhaps I was not going to produce the results that I had become to expect. I had the privilege of learning about Coach Lam’s successes, and more importantly heard him speak passionately about what it takes to win and be a champion. Coach Lam focuses on the internal behaviors, choices, and attitudes that in turn produce staggering results. Coach has first-hand experience of what makes a champion and is clearly motivated to continue finding and uncovering true potential in people he comes in contact with. In Corporate America and certainly in sales I strive to stay at least 5% above my competition.

In order to do this I think harnessing and understanding Coach’s three periods to success is an advantage. Heart is the third period of a champion, and usually the deciding factor when your competition is also highly skilled and well training. I have been able to finish in the top 1% of my sales force twice, and actually broken all the national sales records in the market that I was fearful of starting in just several years ago”



Top Human Resource Benefits Sales 2010,
Paychex, Inc.


“Growing up, I took for granted many of the lessons from my father or was too young to fully understand the lessons. Over time as I have had more real life experiences and changes in my priorities. As my family and career have become for of who I am, I have needed to go back to these lessons and principles to make sure I am doing my best for my family and my career. I wish I would have paid more attention to these lessons earlier on. It would have saved me from some heart ache and failures. But I guess that’s not how life works. It feels good to know his principles contribute to the success I have experienced. Thanks Dad!”



Top District Sales Manager 2009,
Paychex, Inc.


“He cares about our team, it’s coach Bill Lam. He is a very big inspiration!”



County Manager,
Wake County, North Carolina


“Coach Lam taught us that success is not granted or given, but earned with sustained effort over time. We worked harder than those we competed against and we believed it. When you mentally acknowledge that you have put in the time, the effort and the sacrifices to be successful, you do not settle for second best. In the business world, everyone is smart (or you should assume so). Success goes to the one better prepared for the job at hand.”



Executive Vice President & Co-Founder,
Cyberbound, LLC


To this day I still use our goal-setting workbooks for all of my employees. If I can show my employees one-tenth of what you showed me by your examples then I will have been a successful leader. Thanks, Coach Lam. You taught me more than you even know.”


#1 District Sales Manager in the country,
Paychex Inc.


“Coach Lam has the proven track record, yet to spend just a few minutes with him is to understand his success. I have managed people for over 15 years or I should say had the title of a manager with two large Corporations. The first 11 years was with a major franchise of Allied Van Lines the largest International Moving company. The last 4 years was with Paychex Inc. the leader in outsourced payroll and HR services. As a manager,  I got the job done fairly well with little complaint from Officers.  These companies invested large sums in Management Training for the leadership of the respective organizations. After meeting Coach Lam in Detroit 3 years ago I can truly say I learned how to lead people. Coach spoke to our group for 1 hour and changed my perspective as well as encouraged what I wanted to be as a leader.

Perspective is hard to find sometimes. Coach brings it with Top Wrestling Force and makes sure to lead with his Heart. His story is one of determination to be who he wanted to be and the courage it took to get there.  Coach gave me the courage to reach for #1. With his experience as the Perennial  #1 Wrestling Coach he was truly a #1 leader of people. Whether coaching athletes to the best in their field or leading a sales organization to Highest Revenue, Profits and Teams Personal financial goals, the correlation is identical. Coach not only showed me how to lead a team to be the best in the organization, he helped me lead individuals to reach personal goals well beyond their own expectations. I would encourage every organization looking to bring a new perspective and Raise the Bar, to have Coach Lam embrace their leadership.”